September 11, 2015

Community Center

Early in 1993, a special committee looked into the feasibility of establishing a Community Centre for Congregation BINA. They found the project was not feasible as the community was too small to support the ongoing cost of maintenance, and the work too onerous to be done by a few people but, in a spirit of optimism, some fundraising initiatives were organized, such as:

  • a successful Gala Dinner and Dance at the Hava Nagila Night-Club; the event included a fruitful art auction and a silent auction
  • a concert of Indian Classical Dance at the Markham Theatre
  • a trip to Casino Niagara.

In 2001, the Board did all the background research into whether Congregation BINA could afford:

  • to buy land and build a building
  • to buy an existing building
  • to pay for a long term lease of an existing building
  • to pay for the rental of an existing building
  • to pay for sharing of a facility with another organization.

The answer to all of the above was “not at this time”.