News – Congregation BINA featured in Jewish Foundation – The Book Of Life

The Book of Life is administered by the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto which is UJA Federation’s planned gift and endowment arm. It is an ever-growing archival collection of Jewish family, community and congregational stories from those who have left a legacy to ensure the future of the Jewish community.

The Book of Life currently has an impressive roster of over 300 community and personal tales, each of which shows the commitment and dedication of the authors who have chosen to leave a legacy for the future of Jewish Toronto.  The real story is not about an organization and all the great things it does. The real story is about the donors who, over the past 12 years, have taken a moment to reflect on their lives and record their stories. In leaving these legacies, they are showing future generations how to act upon their deepest beliefs about tzedakah, community and continuity.

In the last 5 years alone, more than $100 million has been distributed through the Foundation to a myriad of vital agencies and organizations, transforming lives across the GTA and throughout Israel.  It provides us all the unique opportunity to follow our hearts and to invest, through the Jewish community in Toronto, in what matters to us most --Israel and the global Jewish landscape.  The donors’ passion and commitment to Jewish life and Tikkun Olam is an unmistakable constant that reads through the entire Book of Life -- a collection which grows every year with this community's compelling, passionate and heartfelt stories.

Several of our members participated in the UJA Walk for Israel held on Monday, May 18, 2015.  We thank Annie and Benny Talkar for organizing and leading the BINA group.

In 2013, 19 new donors and their stories were added to the Book of Life.  The new donors were honoured at a dinner and reception at Beth Emeth Synagogue last November.  Congregation BINA was proud to be one of the 19.  Our story, as recorded in the Book of Life is below:

Congregation BINA Featured!!!

The Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto’s Book of Life