What’s Cooking – Fall 1996 – Bene Israel Puris


Fine Sooji (Cream of Wheat)
Crisco or pure ghee – 2 tins
Suger to taste
2 tablespoons pure ghee or Crisco
1 packet Durham Corn Starch
Raisins, blanched almonds, Pistachios
2 cups all purpose flour
2% milk


  • Bake Sooji in the oven till golden brown (stir a few times)
  • Fry all dried fruits (almonds, pistachios, raisins, etc) in Crisco or ghee one at a time and keep aside.
  • With a little crisco or ghee fry the Sooji and mix the above fried dried fruit.
  • With the 2 tablespoons pure ghee or Crisco and Durham starch make a paste. Set aside.
  • Take 2 cups all purpose flour and mix well two tablespoons of Crisco or pure ghee. Knead the flour with milk into the dough. Beat the dough with a tendering hammer till its easy to roll. (This is not necessary if the food processor is used for making the dough)
  • Roll five chapatis. Take one chapati at a time and spread the starch paste on it. Place another chapati over it and spread some more of the paste and so on till all the five are completed. Make sure not to put too much paste, just very scanty. On the last chapati apply some paste and roll all of them tightly together in the form of a roll. Flatten it with your palm of your hand and cut tight through in the center length-wise. Then cut the two pieces into smaller pieces and flatten each piece in the palm of your hand in such a way that you can see the layers.
  • Roll each of the pieces and fill in the stuffing (sooji mixture) make it into a turnover and press on the sides so that it is firmly closed. (a little water can be used) – It is now ready to be fried.
  • Deep fry in Crisco or pure ghee till brown. Serve