What’s Cooking – Spring 1981 – Puran Polis

Puran Polis – submitted by (Mrs.) Liya Abraham (Israel)

1 cup Channa dal
1 cup Jaggery or Light Brown Sugar
All purpose flour (enough to make 12 chapatis)
Cardamom and nutmeg powder

Cook the channa dal and strain away all excess water. Add jaggery and cook on medium heat stirring constantly till dry. Add cardamom and nutmeg powder and mix well in a food processor till smooth consistency is obtained. Refrigerate. Make dough using all purpose flour, a spoonful of ghee, salt and water. Roll out a chapati about the size of a puri (7′ in diameter), fill the Puran, close up and seal well. Roll out gently taking care not to let the Puran break through. On a tava fry with a little ghee till golden brown in colour.